Decay is inevitable, but death is not

My name is Eric Hergenreder. I'm a proud Michigan Wolverine, American car owner, and a photographer. I started taking photos on disposable cameras when I was a little kid on family vacations and now shoot with a DSLR and occasionally on an old film camera. I have a passion for the art of photo taking, history, and the City of Detroit. I am currently located in the city of Ann Arbor and attend the University of Michigan. My original home is a tiny town just outside Flint, Michigan and I spend a lot of time in the Vehicle City as well as the Motor City. I try to surround myself with creative people, and I wouldn't be anywhere without my friends. If you ever see a bunch of weirdos drinking 40s at the bar with a dozen or so orders of fried mac-n-cheese bites on the table, that's probably us. I will take photos of pretty much anything, but I would have to say my favorite subjects are old beater cars, classic arcitecture, people, homes, and the occasional abandoned location. I'm also a huge fan of music. I could talk about Danny Brown all day and if you ever need to waste a couple hours come check out my vinyl collection. Photography has given me some of the best times of my life and also some of the worst as well, but I'm looking forward to making many more memories with a camera in my hand. Necessary link. Have a great day!